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Much like the classic novel The Great Gatsby, we find ourselves being like Daisy: Falling in love with wealth, trying to curate our homes with fleeting possessions, all so we can keep up with the Jones’. But what happens when those possessions are no longer seen as “in” or “trendy”? The constant spending and gathering of pieces to keep up will only bring you emptiness and clutter. Rather curate your space with timeless, quality pieces taking your home from Nouveau riche to Vieux riche in no time.

Your home should however still feel like your own space, so try combining both your modern and our traditional styles for a textured and curated feel. When choosing timeless and modern pieces pick a simple, understated design. Avoid ornate décor and fabrics that are over the top, these may be in trend now, but they will date quickly, and you’ll be right back to where you started.

Choose what works for you, function is an important element when selecting timeless pieces, fads will fade, and you will be left with items that are impractical and probably won’t age well. Quality is key when making a purchase, you want high quality craftmanship that will last.

The Vieux riche lifestyle is about creating comfort in style, you do not want your family and guests to feel as if they cannot enjoy the space you have curated. Complement your own personal style with varied layers of timeless pieces, not only focussing on larger stand-out items but smaller accessories and décor too. Your home should create a memory for all those that are apart of it, curating an enriching, quality experience.

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