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1Becoming newlyweds is an exciting moment. The anticipation of a whole new life together, gifts from your wedding and possibly a new home to move into. The last thing you want is for your first project as a married couple to be fraught with fights and disagreements.

We’ve put together a few tips for you and your beau or belle to make sure this transition is as seamless as possible.

As all good relationship advice goes, moving in together for the first time is about compromise. Sometimes you get your way, but other times you need to give in to the other person’s choices to keep the peace. You win some, you lose some – as they say.

Picture1Start with a logical approach: jot down how many rooms there are in the house or apartment, what goes into each room, what you have and still need to buy. Think about each room in detail and each person’s choices in terms of where things should go. Discuss each of your styles, what you like and don’t like, and what your pet-hates are. For example, he likes a TV in the bedroom and she prefers an L-shaped sofa to a traditional 3-piece settee. Also, consider whether this is a forever home – the one you’ll bring your kids up in or grow old in, or if you just plan to live there for a few years until you can afford a bigger place.

Now that you have all the information, you can start your negotiations. Choose what furniture makes the cut and 3what needs to be sold or donated. Doing this on paper is easier than arguing about it as emotions can get in the way. If there’s a piece that one of you are particularly attached to, discuss the reasons behind this attachment and why it’s important before you decide what to do with it. If it’s something that could work down the line when you move into a bigger home or have kids, then consider putting it into storage or asking a family member if they’d like to use it for a few years until you need it.

Think about the functions of your new home, for example, if one of you does some work from home you’ll need a space for that person to be productive. If you enjoy entertaining guests at home make sure the lounge and dining room area epitomises both of you, be it with a big dining room table or a comfy leather couch. If your new home is a bit smaller than before, read our tips on revamping a small space for advice on how to make it work.

4When it comes to blending your styles, be as considerate and non-judgemental as possible, making sure that each of your styles are represented in the new home. Get excited by the styles you both like and try and highlight these as much as possible. Interior designer and lifestyle blogger, Becki Owens’s advice is to “find something you both love and build the space from there. Whether it’s a vintage rug, a statement chair, or a piece of art, use it as inspiration for the whole space.”

Most importantly, remember that you don’t need to do all the decorating at once, take your time and live in the space before you decide what your style will be. If you keep reminding yourself that this should be a space for your relationship to flourish in, you’ll find it easier to let go of the little details and create an environment which embraces your new life.

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