Nighttime rituals for better sleep

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We all know the agonizing frustration of getting in bed after a long day and struggling to fall asleep. The tossing, turning and ceaseless hum of a mind that won’t still remain a thorn in the side for most of us. What can we do to help our bodies go into a state of relaxation and calm? Here are some great tips to incorporate into your nighttime ritual:

Dim it down:

We’ve all heard about the negative effects blue light can have on our health, but the harsh light being emitted from our tech also has an effect on our sleep! New studies suggest that all blue light devices should be avoided an hour before sleep in order to fall asleep faster. Along with this, dimming down your lights can also signal to your body’s natural clock that it is time for bed.

Why not take this opportunity to get to that book you’ve been meaning to read?

Tranquil Sounds:

If listening to soothing music doesn’t do the trick, try to tap into the latest trend in relaxation: ASMR. These audio stimulatory videos can help to calm you down and stimulate a tingly effect similar to that of a backrub or scalp massage. At first, this seems quite bizarre, as ASMR videos can contain sounds as simple as tapping, hair brushing or nonsensical whispers, but many have raved about the stress alleviating qualities of experiencing these sounds.

Sleepy Scents:

Certain scents have also been linked to having calming effects on our bodies. Lavender and Vanilla are just two examples of scents that have frequently been linked to helping with relaxation. You can either burn some essential oils or light a scented candle which also contributes to a calming ambience.

Warm your body:

Whether it’s a hot shower or even just a heating pad on your neck and shoulders, heat has amazing effects on the relaxation of sore and stiff muscles. Similarly, drinking some warm milk or a cup of tea can help to soothe your body from the inside.

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