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Dark, unopened cupboards. Remember those? Every household for generations owned them in one form or another. They stood imposingly at the end of the hallway and were rarely opened. The sad reality of trinkets and wedding gifts hidden in the dark for years is enough to make any millennial cry. Thankfully times have changed and today’s generation focuses on experiencing all we own, allowing beauty in our living spaces instead of it being kept out of sight. 

Despite our differences, a home priority that “transcends generations” according to the Independent UK is the need for an “organised home with efficient and abundant storage space.” The difference is display versus hiding away. Explore your creativity with a range of shelves that will make space and storage work to accentuate your home. 

Top of the organisational ladder 

When organizing any room, it is best to begin with the bulk of your belongings, which is generally clothing. By investing in an open shelf system, two things are accomplished: your clothing is aired and taking stock of what you own becomes a constant task. No longer will items be lost to the back of the cupboard, but always at your fingertips. The Cubz shelf is large enough to hold the ideal wardrobe and sturdy enough for the ultimate outfit accessory – a substantial shoe collection.  


Treasures on display 

Despite the advancement of technology, digital alternatives to books will have a hard time convincing word fanatics to part with their paperbacks. Not to fret, the Universal book shelf provides the perfect platform to display not only the spines of beloved volumes, but also sentimental ornaments that simply cannot be parted with. Although the large, ornate option may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the Leila shelf with its art deco-esque design offers an interesting alternative without becoming an overwhelming centre piece. 

All the pretty things 

Finally, we come to the icing on the cake, the floating shelf. Offering understated elegance, these simple shelves come in black or oak and various sizes to make a neat arrangement of memorabilia on your wall. Whether your style is minimal or tends toward the more indulgent trends, the versatility of these simple beauties can’t be faulted. We may be different to our mother’s generation, but one thing has remained over time: pride in the appearance of our homes. Try giving any room a face lift with a simple shelf, it is that easy! 

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