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newyearsDespite the best intentions, New Year’s Resolutions have a habit of falling by the wayside. Some may be overly ambitious; others just uninteresting… but either way they often fizzle out before the end of January! So our challenge to you is to find a few that really mean something to you, and may just stick around.

In between being the perfect host, cooking up a Christmas feast and buying last minute gifts, find a quiet moment to reflect on 2015, and what you’d like to prioritise in the new year. Whether it’s redecorating your home, spending more quality time with the people that matter most, or jet setting off on an exotic holiday – make a promise to yourself to make it happen. Here are our top five suggestions, along with a few tips to take them from ideas to actions:

De-clutter to make space for a statement piece

There is nothing better than giving away things you no longer use, reorganising shelves and cupboards, and creating space for something new. Whether it’s a stylish leather sofa or beautiful piece of art, save up for something that will enhance your home and maybe even become a family heirloom.

Create a bucket list

Each and every year seems to fly by faster than the previous one – and before you know it you’ll have missed out on opportunities and experiences that only come around once in a lifetime. So put pen to paper and start your list today. It can include absolutely anything that you really want to do – from bungee jumping in a far-away place to volunteering at a local school.

Do more of what makes you really happy

Whether it’s walks on the beach, baking cakes, drinking cocktails with old friends or making new ones, make space in your diary for the things that really bring joy to your life. Also make sure you get enough sleep – it sounds so simple, but sleep is often hard to fit into our jam-packed schedules. A lack of sleep can cause a whole host of problems, from mood swings to a compromised immune system or weight gain.

Treat yourself or someone else

Have a luxurious bubble bath, book a pedi or order that chocolate tart that you’ve had your eye on in the café across from your office. Life is too short to take everything seriously or be too strict, so enjoy a little bit of indulgence every now and then. There is also nothing better than treating someone you love, or seeing a stranger’s face light up when you pay for their cup of coffee or go out of your way to give them a hand with a heavy suitcase.

Support local

The pool of talent in South Africa is incredible, and something we should be more proactive about supporting. Whether it’s local fresh produce, or beautiful pieces from Ceramic Factory – keep an eye out for Proudly South African products. Fill your home with products that you know are made in our own country and feel better about feeding a family rather than an overseas corporation.

Hopefully these ideas have made you think about what is important to you in 2016 and you’ll be able to add a few unique ones of your own. Make 2016 the best year yet! Leave a comment and tell us what new year’s resolutions you have decided on.

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