Outdoor dining done 4 ways

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We love to live outside and enjoy our summer days, especially when it comes to alfresco dining! But dining outdoors doesn’t have to be more effort, here are 4 different ways of dining outdoors:

Patio Party:

Turn your poolside patio into a party by adding some wooden furniture to help merge indoor and outdoor. This will make guests feel as comfortable as they would at an indoor dining area but add the fun and relaxation of the outdoor ambience. Mixing natural materials such as wood and stone with more modern designs help to bridge the gap seamlessly between the house and the patio. Shop wooden furniture here

Fireside Fun:

We love an old-fashioned braai, but we also know that it can be challenging to impress guests with the “eat on your lap around the fire” setup. Invest in some beautiful wooden serving platters to easily pass around the dishes and add some sophistication to the fireside dining. This will ensure that none of the fireside fun gets lost but will definitely make guests feel a bit more comfortable. Shop the platters here

Playful Picnic:

Picnics are a staple in our outdoor dining excursions. Choosing a stunning spot for you to enjoy some snacks will forever be one of the best ways to enjoy summer. Your picnics can now be even more relaxing with some beautiful, comfortable and functional outdoor pillows. These comfy additions will become your companion to any outdoor dining experience. Shop them here

Idyllic Indoors:

Outdoor dining for those who do not have space for an outside area can be just as quickly done on a balcony! Simply add some plants and natural elements to your space, and you will instantly bring the great outdoors to your small space. This does not mean you have to have a green thumb; we have the solution for you in our Faux plants’ range! For more greenery inspiration, visit our plants’ range here

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