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Some things are just better together like coffee and the bed you can’t get out of, beautiful blooms and a vase to put them in, your couch and their favourite blanket.

We’ve put together some of our favourite pairs to inspire you to create your own.

Coffee and Bed

Sometimes we just need that extra time in bed. A fresh brewed favourite coffee will make those waking moments in bed much better.

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Flowers or stems in a beautiful vase

If you are thinking of giving flowers, go the extra mile and put them in a beautiful vase that brings out their natural beauty.

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Skin care and a fluffy towel or gown

Gift yourself or someone you care for some time out for self-care. A quick skin pampering session should be enjoyed in absolute comfort.

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Sleep and scent

Scent can be a powerful relaxant or mood enhancer. Coupled with bed it makes for the ideal sleep time routine.

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