Pick Perfect Presents For Any Personality

When you think of your friends and family, do you have one word or phrase that is them, a triple distilled description of who they are? If you can do this gift giving can lovely endeavour rather than laborious task. This gifting season we’ve got you covered with some ideas for gifts for the Aesthetophile to gifts for Tidy Tim. We have a friend called Dyson Dave, and we know exactly what he would love!

The Person Who Schooled Martha Steward:

You know that person, who makes entertaining and serving up a 3 course 5 star meal seem like child’s play. When serving tea, they are the person who insists on using their finest crockery for the occasion. Add some flair to their tea time crockery collection with our teapots and accessories or something special to their serving repertoire with our extensive cutlery offering.

Inspector Gadget:

The person who programs the shower temperature from the comfort of their bed. Club together with friends to gift the ultimate technophile treat from Taurus robot vacuums, they’ll love that the house can clean itself!

The Aesthetophile:

Everything in their home seems to fit seamlessly together as if it were made for each other. Everyone loves their home to smell beautiful, but rarely are diffusers as gorgeous as the smells they emit. Aesthetics and functionality meet here with our collection of plug-in diffusers designed with the aesthetophile in mind.

Made By Zen Electric Diffuser

The DIYer:

Takes advantage of every opportunity to point out ‘but you can make that yourself!’. Inspire a new planty-project with our selection of terrariums. Or add to their home to do list with the starter kit for a brand new gallery wall.

The Influencer:

The fashion, makeup and home style fundi in your life! The one who uses OOTD so regularly that you had to google what it means (‘outfit of the day’ by the way). Add a modern wall, or classic standing mirror to their home base for showcasing their style hacks.

The @home mirror lineup.

The Travel Bug:

From weekends away to full on foreign adventures, they’ll be able to build you an itinerary to circumvent the globe. Help them take a little piece of home comfort along without adding kilos to their luggage with The Granny Goose Travel Pillow. Taking their favourite Spotify playlist to set the mood for tropical beach sundowners? Yes please with these sleekly designed portable speakers.

The Eco-conscious one:

When you’re around for dinner they’ll definitely ask you to pop your salad leftovers into the compost bin in the kitchen. They’ll love adding to their sprawling edible garden with a curated selection of seeds and pots from our kitchen collection.

The Home Garden Heirloom Seeds

The Early Bird:

Everyone has that friend who wakes up at 4:30, most of us will never understand. Serve up what their mornings are missing with Nutribullet to make on-the-go smoothies.

Tidy Tim:

No matter when you choose to visit, be it the evening after a large soiree or the morning before they embark on a month-long road trip, their home is a peaceful sanctuary of neatness. In fact a peek inside their cupboards reveals they are equally as ordered. Surprize The Tidy’s with the gift they’ve been dreaming of from our selection of organisation hack must-haves from the Home Edit or or get their Kondo on with something from Simply Stored.

Perspex Storage from The Home Edit

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