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Colour brings a space together, creating context and a meaningful story. Although the ‘rules’ of how we combine colours constantly changes and evolves, the essence of colour remains the same, evoking strong feelings in all of us! We asked Kerstin Eser, colour specialist for Plascon, to give us this summer’s colour inspiration. 

We see colour in everything, it is in the textures on our walls, in the layers on a luxurious bed, in the mix of ingredients in a delicious salad bowl – all aspects of our life are full of colour.

This spring going into summer season is all about captivating the senses. These are the seasons that take you on a journey from awakening through to growth and the blossoming in to a new world. Colour is intrinsically entwined in this journey.


Embrace the natural beauty of spring with plenty of texture and layering enhanced with soft, natural tones. Winter Savanna (EC27) is an earthy neutral that is the blank canvas to this soft and inviting palette. These kind of neutrals bring a warmth and richness to a look full of natural textures such as wood, woven grass rugs and organic linens. Winter Savanna is perfect for use in the bedroom or living area.


Shades and tones of green represent renewal and growth, connecting us to nature. This is a colour with strong ties to spring and summer, embodying new life and symbolizing new beginnings. Greens are the perfect colour to surround yourself with when you are starting afresh! Eco Terra (Y5-C1-2) is a yellow-based, muted green which marries well with forest greens like Night Whisper (G5-E1-2) and Monsoon Lagoon (G5-E1-1), deep teals like Garden Shade (G5-OE1-3) and grey greens like Julianne Jade (G5-E2-1) for a refreshing monochromatic palette of greens.


Full summer see a flourish of brighter, bolder colour. Deep, rich floral hues are grounded by Nautilous (B6-D1-2), a deep rich blue that offers a plush opulent feel with a fresh and inviting appeal. Blues are essentially regarded as cool colours, often associated with calm seas and endless clear skies, perfect for juxtaposing with the bright florals of summer. All these summer tones nourish our need for a serene and temperate living environment.

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