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The end of year summer holiday season is one of the most popular family times in the SA calendar with family members coming to visit or out of town guests staying over for a week or two.

Dinners, sunset or evening drinks are planned, all day pool parties or summer braais are scheduled and before we know it, the holidays are in full swing.

Prepare for your guests, whether you are having them over for dinner or for a few nights with this step-by-step checklist.


  • Test your spare bed mattress, does it still feel sturdy and comfortable?
  • Change the bedding with freshly laundered or new sheets and covers
  • Keep a spare set of bedding ready for last minute guests
  • Keep a spare set of pillows and blankets for guests who prefer more
  • Set out a new fragrance diffuser or room spray. Choose a scent to match your guest’s personality.
  • Add reading lamps or lights next to the bed.
  • A fan will help keep guests cool.
  • Give your guests something to read. Stack books and magazines on a floating shelf or in a magazine rack.
  • Scented drawer sachets are a beautiful added touch
  • Put out a Nespresso coffee machine and cups so guests don’t have to disturb you for their morning coffee
  • Keep a couple of breakfast trays ready for morning coffees or snacks
  • Keep a few drinking glasses and cups in the room


  • Set out enough bath towels, hand towels and face cloths. They look lovely rolled in a storage basket.
  • Accessorise with beautiful bathroom sets that include tumbler and soap dispenser
  • Put out some toiletries for your guests such as lip balm, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and hand cream in a container.


  • Check you have enough seating for everyone – at both the dinner table and in your living area
  • Add new décor items to give your home a fresh feel


  • Plan your menu for the duration of their stay (taking into consideration when you will be eating out)
  • Check beforehand if your guests have any special dietary requirements
  • Tidy up your kitchen counters with storage canisters.
  • Create a tea or coffee station so you guests can find everything easily.
  • Impress visitors with your state of the art coffee machine – they will feel like they are in a hotel


  • Write a welcome note
  • Add flowers
  • Stock the bedside table with water and glasses, something to read, a snack such as dried fruit and chocolate, the password for your WIFI.

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