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Give a little magic this festive season and share some joy by putting together the perfect thank you gift with the @home festive guide and top gifting tips.

This festive season is all about giving a little magic, and the wrapping shouldn’t fall short. Choose a suitable size box in a uniform colour, fill the box with your chosen colour tissue paper and select a variety of ribbons to finish off the wrapping with a beautiful bow.

Be thoughtful when selecting a card to accompany your gift. Think about who it is for, whether for a friend, family member or boss your card should be personal and speak to your relationship. Choose a card without copy and write something special to add a personal touch to your gift.

Choosing the contents of the gift box is by far the most important, take your time, consider the person you are buying for and most importantly remember it’s not about what you want, but rather what is right for them. When packing, take your time, laying the gifts out beautifully for instant visual appeal. View the @home Gifting Guide for more festive inspiration.

Create something magical to be shared and enjoyed by all. Find your own magic in gifting with beautiful, considered gifts to thank someone special. And remember, sharing in the joy of giving is the greatest gift of all.

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