Rattan & Wicker in Your Home

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Rattan and wicker are a reminder of old-world grandeur and style, and are now being beautifully re-imagined into modern furniture, ornaments and household items. In homes around the world rattan and wicker are taking a bold step to help create a perfect balance for the upcoming winter season.

The ancient technique of weaving pliant palm and willow stems to create articles originated in Asia, and the plants continue to thrive in that tropical climate to this day. They grow year-round, which makes harvesting them environmentally sustainable and trade demand easy to meet.

The beautiful furniture pieces are definitely a clear part of history – found in ancient Egypt, the Victorian era, and more recently the 1970s. Traditionally, pieces like mirrors, chairs and planters have been handcrafted from rattan and wicker, and these items are now often resold as vintage collector’s items. Innovation has revisited the technique and has put a wonderfully fresh fingerprint on it.

Rattan and wicker have been used predominantly in outdoor furniture because they are lightweight yet durable. The new trend of inviting them indoors opens the door to endless possibilities: Use them in your bedroom in a textured headboard with smooth, clean linen and bold floral prints, incorporate them in your home office in a beautiful storage unit – a little touch of nature in your corporate world – or take the functionality and durability right into your family room with steel and rattan side tables. They will create a sense of familiarity with their timeless look.

We see rattan and wicker paired with dark and light wood, steel and glass in dining, bedroom, kitchen and lounge furniture as well as in light fittings. It is now easier to imagine bringing this material into your home and styling it with plush pillows, soft throws, and carpets for your family and friends to enjoy too. It completes the palette of different textures, colours and materials perfectly for your home and can be welcomed with open arms.

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