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Wellbeing begins at home. Start the day how you mean for it to continue and let the positive energy a healthy beginning brings, flow into the rest of your day with intentional routines that set the tone. 

A healthy start

Boost your mood and your energy levels by starting the day with freshly pressed juice or a smoothie. The hit of vitamins, minerals and all-important fibre will keep both gut and mind happy and ready for a full, productive day. Don’t worry, no one is saying you can’t have your morning coffee, but including a super healthy clean drink in your breakfast routine will give you a healthy foundation to build on.

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Declutter your space

A clear space equals a clear mind. Don’t let household clutter distract you. Commit to putting away everyday items in designated places in the evening as part of your nighttime routine so that you wake up to clear, clutter-free zones. Investing in attractive storage baskets and clear bins makes putting things away a pleasure. You may even find yourself enjoying it as part of your daily routine.

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Beauty Routine

Even if you’re working from home on your bed, getting properly dressed and ready for the day is an important part of setting your mindset into productive work mode. You may not have a Zoom call every day, but taking a few minutes in the morning to look in the mirror and indulge in your usual beauty routine sets you up to mean business. 

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Nourish your body

Let’s face it, we all know what we put into our body fuels us, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy, nourishing meals. That’s where investing in the right technology can take the pain out of cooking and make food prep an easy and even enjoyable part of your daily rhythm. Air fryers save you time and reduce the amount of fats traditionally required for cooking your favourite foods while the cult favourite Instant Pot pressure cooker allows you to create wholesome meals in a fraction of the time (up to 70% faster!) without compromising on flavour or nutrients.

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Wind down after work

If your house is both your office and your home, then including a winding down moment that shifts your mindset from work to chill is essential. Add a calming scent to your shower or bath, get comfy in your slippers and gown and indulge in a sheet mask to transition into relaxation mode. 

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Sleep well 

The final step in a rejuvenating daily routine is a deep and peaceful night’s rest. Investing in your Sleep Sanctuary creates a cosy space that is all about optimising sleep. Prepare your bed with luxurious extras to get the rest you deserve. 

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