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Cool, Calm And Relaxing

Choose home fragrance that calms and relaxes and you will have a happy home. Relaxing scents can cool the nervous system and reduce stress, help promote sleep and revitalise your senses, especially important for the full on, busy lives we lead.

Below are some of our favourite calming scents for the home.


Lavender is one of the top fragrance choices for reducing emotional stress and calming the nerves. It is known to help with improving tension and headaches and is great for promoting peaceful sleep. Jasme

Try the Effective Sleep diffuser or Stress Relief scented candle from the Aromatherapy Co.


The sweet floral notes of Jasmine actually work wonders for a good night’s sleep. Some say it even works better than lavender.


If you need a calm me down scent to come home to at the end of the day, lemon or citrus should be top of your list. These scents work wonders for calming the senses and promoting concentration.  They also give your energy levels a boost.

Try the Zen Citrus Verbena diffuser for a stress relieving home fragrance.


Taking a walk through a pine forest is reported to lower depression and stress levels. Pine is also known to lead to greater feelings of relaxation. Bring the soothing experience of the pine forest in to your home with the Naturals Forest range of diffusers, scented candles and bath & body products.

Sea breeze

The freshness of a light sea breeze evokes memories of holidays and induces an expanded feeling of wellbeing. Use this scent in your home for when you have guests over. The Naturals range of home fragrance has a beautiful seaside scent, Coast.  


Ylang ylang is said to help soothe an argument, because of its relaxing properties. Turn your home into a calm and happy space with this exotic floral scent.  

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