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Oasis_Drop2_004The property market is tough these days and not many can afford a big house with lots of space. As the saying goes, love makes a house a home, so it’s not the size that matters but how you decorate each room to create a warm and cosy home. To make this a little easier, we’ve got some useful tips on how to revamp a small space and make it look and feel bigger.

Create a flow

Rule number one when making a space look bigger is to open up the space by removing any walls or obstructions between the living rooms. By opening up the walkways such as from the entrance to the lounge and the kitchen, it maximises the square footage and makes the space more casual. If knocking down walls is not within your budget, just removing the doors will help to create a flow between the living rooms.

Be clever with colours

Light colours will make the space feel bigger, so use a warm white paint for the ceiling and walls to brighten things up. That being said, darker colours like charcoal or brown used on one wall can give the impression that the wall is receding and make a space feel bigger. It can also create a sense of separation between two rooms without an actual barrier.

Bring in the light

Use natural light as much as possible to create the impression of space, whether it’s larger windows or just adding a mirror to a room to bounce the light around. Use recessed lighting like downlights instead of hanging fixtures to increase the headroom. You can also use these to illuminate focal points.

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Create multipurpose spaces

If you have limited space, it’s even more important to use your space wisely. A dining room table can double as a desk during the day, with a few small drawers to hide the paperwork when the work day is over. An ottoman or side cabinet can be a space to store linen or cushions when they’re not in use. If you need extra sleeping space for guests, there are plenty of modern sleeper couch options to investigate.

Go vertical

Take cupboards and shelving all the way to the ceiling, which will draw the visitor’s eye higher and give the impression that the room is taller. This will also apply for curtains, so put the curtain rail as high as possible, even if the window only starts lower down. In the kitchen, use the walls to create hanging space for pots and pans; this industrial look is not only trendy but will also create more space in the cupboards and help to clear the workspaces.

Decorate cleverly

Too many little pieces of furniture can create a cluttered look in a small space, so opt for larger more practical pieces like an L-shaped couch with a low back. Couches and chairs with exposed legs also give the illusion of more floor space, as do glass tables. Bring in textures and woven fabrics with your furniture to keep the colour scheme interesting. When you’re buying accessories, ask yourself if the piece adds beauty or just clutter. Hang bigger artworks instead of a lot of small frames scattered all over the walls.

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Whatever your style, these functional tips can help you to create a simpler more liveable home for you and your family. So why not give them a try and tag us on Instagram to show us how spacious your home looks once you’re done.

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