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By Cleo Black

There’s been a lot of talk of quiet luxury in the fashion industry lately, but what about quiet luxury in the home? The little things that go a long way towards making your home your haven and making your time there truly comforting and indulgent. Home is where you make everything the way you want it to be; your own little kingdom of coffee with cream, delicious scents wafting from the oven, your comfort show lulling you to sleep on the couch, and a shelf full of books just begging to be read. Here, there are pleasures to be indulged in: things like lie-ins on a Sunday morning, scented candles to light on dull days, and redolent baths to lounge in. 

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If luxury is a long, steaming hot bath then the ultimate home luxury is stepping out of that bath into a warm hug of fluffy Turkish cotton.  Instead of toweling off with rough little scraps of terrycloth, add some sumptuousness to your bath time routine with the Ultimate Turkish Cotton Spa Towels from Granny Goose. Created with the densest BCI-certified pure cotton in Turkey, this collection of towels was crafted using unique weaving and twisting technology. As a result, the entire collection is endowed with incredible loft and velvety softness that turns every bath experience into a spa-esque one. Each piece in the collection- from the facecloths and hand towels to the bath towels and sheets- is finished with an elegant border and a hanging loop for complete convenience. This collection of super-plush bath accessories is available in natural, ivory, white, and grey. These neutral colours will add to the feeling of calm and relaxation you need to really enjoy your bath, shower, or pampering time at home. 

Home is where you can slow down and take the time to really be present in every moment. Romanticize your “you” time by creating luxury and a feeling of the mundane being exceptional, and these deliciously soft towels are a perfect place to start. Cloak yourself in the bath sheet after your shower. Wrap your freshly washed and conditioned locks in the bath towel while you choose your outfit. Cleanse your face before bed with the face cloth and buff your hands dry before soothing them with a decadent moisturizer. Towels aren’t just towels when they add value and luxury to your life- they’re a chance to spoil yourself. Adding this collection to your homeware choices adds a level of comfort that you’ve never experienced before. Start #softgirlsummer in the softest way possible. 

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