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Set the scene this Valentine’s Day with romantic home fragrances. Strategically placed diffusers dotted around the home provide a base scent. The warm glow and subtle scent of soy wax candles create an ambiance that invites you to relax and unwind. We recommend the Gavin Rajah range with its oriental notes (which also double wonderfully as massage candles!).

By layering scents, you can create a signature romantic bouquet for your home. There are no hard or fast rules here, simply let your nose guide you. A good place to start might be with a softer and classic profile like the Carrol Boyes Ethereal range with notes such as vanilla, musk and sandalwood; and then moving on to bolder profiles like Ted Baker’s Pink Pepper and Cedarwood offering. See how you might mix and match, not only by fragrance but form. Think diffusers, candles, room sprays or even scented sachets to subtly infuse your wardrobe.

We especially love the recently launched Royal Botanicals range which extends to bath and body products as well. Designed and produced locally with the best local essential oils, the range focuses on three main fragrance blends: Dutch Iris with dill and geranium essential oils; Wild Orchid with lime and geranium essential oils; and Oriental Lily with ylang ylang and lavender essential oils.

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