Rules to Reset Your Home For the New Decade!

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As we leave the 2010’s behind, we can reflect on the bad trends and pick out some of the good ones that we want to take with us into the new decade. Here are some rules to reset your home for the new decade:

Revamp your basics:

No need to worry about buying a whole new house worth of furniture, resetting your home can be as easy as reupholstering your couch or taking your carpet for a thorough clean. We sometimes forget that we don’t have to buy something brand new to update our look. Changing the colour of your couch and adding some new scatter cushions will ensure your room looks renewed without breaking the bank.

Plants are a must:

With climate change and the focus on the environment, indoor plants aren’t going anywhere! Invest in some beautiful greenery to create a fresh and natural feeling in your home. You have the added benefit of buying a range of planters that add to the décor in your room. Opt for an easy maintenance indoor plant or fake it with our sneaky, but stylish variety of faux plants (for those of us who don’t have green thumbs). 

Keep an eye on the trends that will stay:

Luckily, some of our trends over the past decade are not moving away any time soon. The natural look with woven textures and neutral palettes is a timeless and ever-evolving trend. We are going back to nature, and our homes are showing it! Sustainable materials and ethically sourced materials are all the rage and for a good reason!

Take inspiration from the past:

The best place to get inspiration is from the past! We all know that the retro and vintage styles have been making a comeback. Being able to see what worked and what didn’t is a great way to reset for the future. Whether it be 50’s, 60’s or 70’s, old-school décor is a fun way to bring some quirkiness to your home. We’re not talking lava lamps, but retro-inspired sideboards or organic shape furniture.

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