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6Since its launch in 1995, the Australian-designed Salt&Pepper brand has been synonymous with developing contemporary home accessories and producing cutting edge ranges built on innovation, quality and affordability.

Fashion for the home

Like the major fashion houses, Salt&Pepper designs seasonal collections that allow you to express your taste and personality. And with over 70 different collections of dinnerware, serveware, home décor and kitchenware products you will be able to style and personalise every room of your home.

2Everything they do is inspired by fashion, entertainment and design trends from around the world.  In the words of Harry Pourounidis, Managing Director: “We believe in designing homeware that allows our customers to express their personality. By offering a range of home accessories that are always affordable, yet still of premium quality, our customers can have multiple dinner settings for each occasion and can regularly refresh any room in the house to suit the season.”

The creators

The brand name was created using letters in the names of the three creators, siblings Sissi, Nancy and Harry Pourounidis. They have a passion for fashion and want to give people the opportunity to bring contemporary trends to their homes like they would do to their cupboards.

3The team has designed ranges that are very modern, while some collections are more classic, to offer something for all occasions and tastes. What all S&P products have in common are quality and affordability.

S&P Quantum

This is a hard anodised aluminium range, hard wearing and easy to clean. It is made to heat quickly and evenly for great results. The surface is non-stick and scratch resistant, but unfortunately not dishwasher safe.

S&P Greek

A non-stick aluminium range with Whitford Quantanium marble surface for easy cleaning. The durable impact-bonded stainless steel bottoms are perfect for all cook tops, including induction. The lids are tempered glass and the handles die-cast stainless steel. The interior is finished with a non-stick and scratch resistant granite coating.

Discover our S&P range here.

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