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Untitled design (5)Made in Denmark, famous around the world for high quality design, SCANPAN is top of the cookware league. With deep roots in traditional craftsmanship, SCANPAN creates functional and timeless tools for modern kitchens.

The Scanpan Story

Since SCANPAN’s inception in 1956, they have been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Hand cast aluminium products with patented ceramic titanium coating have been the core of their business. Today still, all of their non-stick aluminum products are cast in their own factory in Denmark, helping them maintain complete control over the manufacturing process and overall quality of each pot and pan.

Environmentally friendly kitchenware that is good for you too

SCANPAN is serious about making a difference for the environment. The way they see it is that good food deserves quality tools made with the same commitment, respect and care as you would when handling and cooking your own food.

All of SCANPAN’s die-cast aluminum products are made from environmentally friendly 100% recycled aluminium. Their unique casting technique ensures maximum durability and perfect heat distribution across the entire surface of each product.

As part of their ongoing product and technology development, SCANPAN developed a coating that is 100% free of PFOA and PFOS toxins. This prevents the transfer of harmful chemicals in your cooking.

Combined with their patented ceramic titanium technology, it is one of the market’s most resilient non-stick coatings.

The Pans

A pan from SCANPAN is something special. That’s because SCANPAN are pan experts. They offer evolutionary cookware including regular frying pans, grill pans and sauté pans. All Scanpan cookware can be used in the oven too.

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