Send Your Baby To Sleep, Naturally.

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Everyone deserves the best sleep, the kind of R&R that helps you be the best version of yourself. But good sleep is #goals for most of us. And most especially for new parents. We’re here for you mums and dads with some well-kept baby sleep comfort secrets!

The Science of Good Sleep

With the help of The Gosling Collection, you can come pretty close to creating the perfect sleep environment for your baby. The Gosling Collection follows in the footsteps of Granny Goose in the curation of essentials for sleep spaces, only this time, for little people. Because after all, if they sleep better, you do too.

Soft plushy toys for tiny little hands – the perfect sleepy time toy.

After 9 months of being in the sleep-perfect environment of the womb, it becomes the work of the parent to ‘mimic’ this perfection until the child can regulate their own body temperature. Little folk cannot regulate their own body temperature: they can’t sweat to cool themselves down, nor can they shiver to warm themselves up. Incredibly they can only really do this on their own when they reach around 1.5-2 years of age.

So it’s up to grownups to make sure they are as comfortable as they can be by providing them with a space that allows their body temperature remain optimal for sleep, that is, between 20C and 22C. So they are warm, without overheating and cool without being cold enough to wake up.

The best way to achieve this is to have them sleep in a cooler room (or actually cooling the room down) with curtains drawn and then provide bedding and sleep attire that is made of 100% natural breathable fibres – synthetic fabrics can lead to overheating.

When you think “natural” think pure cotton, pure duck or goose down (no weighty stalky feathers), merino wool, silk, and hemp. Avoid polyester and nylon because they insulate instead of breathing.

A Little Help from Gosling

All Gosling products are designed with breathability in mind. Here are our top recommendations for you to get your nursery sleep-ready:

Gosling Duvets

All Gosling duvets are made from pure down encased in cotton meaning they are light and breathable.

Shop Gosling Cot Duvets here.

Gosling Linen

Our linen like sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases are all made of lightweight 200 thread count cotton percale that softens with each wash. Cotton allows air to circulate through the fibres creating all natural cooling system!  We recommend using pure cotton sleepwear too so that everything is natural fibres.

Shop Gosling Sheets here.

Shop Gosling duvet covers here.

Fox Tales duvet cover set.

Other Gosling Sleep Essentials

The Gosling sleeping bag – a great way to ensure your baby doesn’t roll out of their blankets and remains warm. Paired with a cotton onesie this sleep sack is perfect for most seasons. The easy press stud and zip closure makes nappy changes a breeze.

The Gosling Bumper noodle – use as a bumper or tie the ends together to create a sleep nest for tiny tots.

We will continue to develop and expand The Gosling Collection of sleep products with you and your baby’s needs in mind. Keep up to date with new things and shop the entire Gosling Collection here

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