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We are all different. And that makes choosing serveware, either for yourself or for friends, tricky. Understanding their entertainment style and the kind of tableware that matches that style can make your selection that much easier.

So here are a few suggestions we thought would help:

Your friend’s style: Hosting big dinner parties that everyone talks about for weeks afterwards

Our suggestion:

You can’t go wrong with classic white, fine serveware that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. You can choose either quintessentially symmetrical designs or platters and plates with a more modern curve. Combining ceramics with wood gives the setting a contemporary, organic feel while glass can be used for more formal settings.

Your friend’s style: Casual get-togethers with a great, big spread of delicious dishes

Our suggestion:

The look is casual but there is a lot of thought that goes into it. Having a few signature platters available makes all the difference. Choosing a few large platters in a variety of cool colours or patterns will really stand out. Salad bowls and unusual bowls that can hold their own and stand out even on a fully laden table are perfect gifts. Tiered serving dishes make a great centrepiece.

Your friend’s style: Cool soirees or evening cocktails

Our suggestion:

Quirky snack bowls and bright or unusual platters can make any occasion cool. Tray sets for a variety of snacks or tapas and boards with dip dishes are useful for offering guests bite size snacks with their drinks. A large silver serving serving tray adds a bit of class.

Your friend’s style: Al fresco dining on the patio with close friends and the whole family

Our suggestion:

Paddle boards in wood or marble, cheese boards and charcuterie boards are the best way to serve casual outdoor meals for large groups of people. Anything with pattern or colour is a great item to add to any serveware collection and will enjoy lots of use. Choose materials like the new melamine, a sophisticated yet durable complement to outdoor entertaining.

Your friend’s style: An indulgent spread to feed everyone’s sweet tooth, high teas and coffee dates

Our suggestion:

If you love your friend’s cakes and sweet treats, you know a cake platter or tiered platter will be a treasured gift. Coffee trays and pretty platters are also a couple of items that we don’t often think about giving but are very useful for when guests pop by for a visit.


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