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A healthy work environment is essential for productivity and creativity. Set up your home office for your best day at work and you will find yourself looking forward to getting to your desk each day.

Choose a desk with the right height

Arms, wrists and forearms should be parallel to the floor. You want to be sitting comfortably so you are not straining or hunching over your desk. Be sure to keep your computer at eye level. If you are using a laptop, having a stand for height adjustment can make all the difference.

Use a chair that supports you properly and is adjustable

There is nothing quite as painful as sitting on a non-supportive work chair all day long and having to get up and do it all over again the next day. Choose an office chair that can be adjusted to your height, has a good back support and is sturdy for years of working time.

Practice shelf care

Put what inspires you on display. Either a full wall shelf or modular wall shelves are a great way to not only keep your work papers, books and stationery neat and in one place, but an opportunity to add some of your own personality to your workspace. Beings surrounded by what you love can inspire better work.

Plants help productivity

While live plants are best for a healthy work environment, even just the colour green can make you more creative. Green your space with beautiful planters overflowing with the leaves of your favourite indoor plants, or choose a few easy maintenance faux plants that are just as inspiring to look at.

Natural light is best

Having a window and lots of bright natural light can do wonders for a space but some well-placed utility lights can enhance productivity too. Choose a desk light that suits your décor and style.

Keep your favourite things close by

The great thing about working from home is that all that you need is never too far away. But you can avoid too many distracting visits to the kitchen or anywhere else in your home by keeping some of your favourite workday extras near your desk. Think about setting up a small coffee station or add a beautiful fragrance diffuser for a wonderful all day long relaxing scent.

Choose music to lift your mood

Create a playlist that is both uplifting and relaxing. You may even have a few for different times in your work day, a motivating list to get you going in the morning and something more soulful and soft to help you wind down towards the end of the day. Whatever you choose, keep the volume at a level that can be heard but not too intrusive. And remember to use your headphones if you are sharing a space with someone else

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