Setting the table for a family feast

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It’s getting to that time of year when the seasons change, and outdoor activities are no longer as appealing. The good news is that autumn is the perfect time to have friends over for lunch or dinner, and Sunday lunches include delicious roasts and warm desserts.

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s where all the magic happens – but once the food is cooked and ready to eat, it’s the table that does the talking. Make sure your table is up to scratch by following these simple steps.

An exquisitely set table has many layers. Everything starts with a set of placemats or a beautiful tablecloth. Choose a set of placemats if you have a nice wooden or glass table to show off, or a tablecloth if you prefer cleaner lines (and possibly less mess). You may also want to lay a table runner down if you are using placemats so that there is something in the middle to protect your table. Next choose napkins to match your linen, here is your chance to accent the table with a pop of colour or a striking design. If you’re looking for some old-world charm, then napkin rings can help, or just fold the napkin in your own way if you prefer.

Once the linen is on, you will need to bring out the good cutlery. Invest in a good set of silver that will last you a lifetime – either one that is vintage and timeless or a more modern set. Remember you always eat with the utensils from the outside in, so starter knives and forks go on the outside and mains directly next to the plate.

Speaking of, it’s time to choose your dinner service and make sure that it matches well with either your charming old-school table, or your sleek, modern vibe. Choose from the Grace Heirloom Collection, a plain white set or even a set of bamboo crockery for a more positive impact on the environment.  If you pair your food with the perfect wine then you’ll want to add appropriate wine glasses to the table too.

Now that each place is set, you can add the finer details like candles, serving dishes and serving utensils. Use tall candles to give your table some height and pair them with small vases filled with flowers handpicked from your garden. You can also mix a range of small and tall pillar candles to give the table more light.

Your guests should now have everything they need to feel at home at your table. The final touch is to bring the feast, ready to serve in dishes or on beautiful platters. And once the family had had their fill, don’t forget a tier of sweet treats to finish off the meal.

For more inspiration on how to create a family feast, have a look at the recipes on our blog and let us know which ones were a hit with your guests.

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