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18018842The cutlery you choose for your table setting can have an impact on the overall experience and atmosphere of a dinner or meal with the family or guests. You also want the flatware you choose, and display, to reflect your personal style and love for quality.

Sets or singles

Think in terms of sets. Depending on the size of your family or how many people you usually entertain, a basic 24-piece set may be sufficient with a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon for 6 people.

A beautiful 56-piece set is best for opinelthose special occasions when you want to Sofia hanging cutlery 24-piece setimpress and treat your guests. The Robert Welch Palm and Radford sets bring a timeless and elegant look to your table setting. These sets are also more suitable to a two or 3-course settings.

Additional cutlery pieces

You can add on to your basic sets for a fuller offering, especially when you plan on serving a chic dinner party with more than one course. Think steak knives,dessert and soup spoons, butterknives, dcarrolboyesessert forks and even a cool set of salad servers. The Opinel South Spirit steak knives in olive wood are the perfect finish to those perfectly juicy steaks.

Daily dining vs entertaining

The type and quality of cutlery you choose will depend on its use. Choose a basic set for daily dining and keep a separate, more premium set for when you want to show off your skills as a host. The Carrol Boyes Slice cutlery set presents a bold yet beautiful design that will certainly add extra style to your dinner table.

When choosing an heirloom set ofcutlery look for a beautifully windsorbalanced 18/10. These numbers refer to thepercentages of chromium and nickel in the alloy. The first number refers to chromium content which gives flatware its rust resistance properties while nickel content gives it its silver-like shine.

Metal types and colour options

While beautiful silver is the most common choice for cutlery because if its sheen and durability, new trends have brought rose gold, gold and even black cutlery to our contemporary tables.

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