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If there’s a way to someone’s heart it’s through their stomach. Show you care during the month of love by spending time in the kitchen baking their favourite treat. Stuck for inspiration? Here are 3 simple ideas for Valentine’s bakes.

  1. Love for little ones

Spend quality time with your kids or loved littles by baking together. Young children thrive on being included and doing purposeful activities with an end result. They will love the shared task of creating something together and the delicious treat to enjoy afterwards.


  • Keep it simple. Baking with children becomes frustrating for both of you when the bake involves too much prep or waiting time. Choose a quick and easy bake like no chill sugar cookies or boxed cupcakes.
  • If your baking partner is under 3, why not bake beforehand and simply enjoy decorating together to remove cool down time and waiting from the activity.

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  • Go all out

If your loved one appreciates grand gestures, take out all the stops and bake an over the top show stopper. Create a layered cake inspired by their favourite chocolate, think a Bar-One layer cake or Lindt cupcakes.

TOP TIPS: Create a customised treat by making gourmet fudge. Use your usual fudge recipe then add their favourite chocolate or sweets chopped up on the top before it sets.

  • Treat the baker    

If your loved one is the baker, spoil them with baking accessories they will love.

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