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The season of alfresco entertaining is upon us, so if you haven’t begun to spruce up your outdoor dining space, now is the time. No matter the size of your outdoor space, there’s plenty you can do to infuse style and functionality into your outdoor area. 

Choose the Right Outdoor Furniture

If you’re planning to purchase new outdoor furniture, ask yourself these questions before buying:

  • How many people will use it? Is the set for your immediate family, extended family, lots of friends, etc.?
  • What shape do you prefer? Most tables are either oval, round, rectangular, or square. Make sure the shape is easy to navigate around in your dining space.
  • Does the size fit your outdoor dining area? Large furniture can cramp a small space while small furniture can look lost in a large space. Measure the space of your dining area before you go furniture shopping.
  • Are you looking for comfort? If your dining chairs will be the primary seating of your whole outdoor space, consider comfortable chairs with cushions. Odds are you’ll be sitting there for more than mealtime.
  • Is there a style you want to match? You can match your home’s exterior style and colors with outdoor furniture for a cohesive look. Or you can even carry the theme of your indoor furniture outdoors.

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Roll Out Your Bar Cart

Alfresco drinks are essential to every successful spring or summer party, so roll out your bar cart beside your dining table to keep them handy. Style the cart with a punchy ice bucket and some beautiful fresh fruits to amp up the warm-weather vibe.

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Make your outdoor space a true extension of your home by incorporating lighting. Illuminate outdoor cooking areas to allow more meal prep to be done outside. Create visual interest and expand the feel of the space by up-lighting trees or fencing farther out in the yard. For safety, add decorative lighting to brighten steps and pathways.

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Keep cool

An outdoor fan is a great accessory to every outdoor summer occasion! A gentle breeze is just the thing to keep family and guests cool.

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Uninvited guests

Bugs and insects can be a problem so make sure you use a natural citronella candle around your table. Also, bunches of mint, marigolds, and rosemary will help to keep those pesky critters at bay.


Put together a summer playlist of fun, upbeat music. Play on a wireless portable Bluetooth speaker. 

Dining outdoors should be one of life’s beautiful pleasures! Have fun creating tables, experiences and memories! And enjoy the outdoor pleasures of summer!

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