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We all know about self-care, but have you heard of soul care? It looks beyond facials and manicures (which are still important) and goes beyond skin deep. It is the practice of taking care of your inner self and your feelings. If the tangible thing (face mask) or act (yoga) is self-care, think of soul care as the way those things make you feel inside.

Here are a few ways you can care for your soul through simple at-home activities:

Laugh (a lot)

Laughing with your favourite Netflix comedy show is self-care. Take laughter to the next level by creating a space where you can laugh uncontrollably from the core. What better way to do this than setting up a regular dinner at home with your best friend or someone who has known you forever, a person you end up having a real good laugh with. That feeling after true joy that you just can’t explain but makes you feel so good, that’s soul care.

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Savour your meal

Taking time to slowly cook a meal you love is an act of self-care, but making the conscious decision to enjoy every bite, be grateful for the food itself and the love that went into preparing it fills your soul with gratitude.

A beautifully set table can set the scene for appreciating every bit of a meal.

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Set boundaries

Learn how to say no. Politely declining an invitation to an event or activity that you don’t want to attend is self-care. Releasing yourself from obligation and guilt and giving yourself permission to trust your instinct and put your needs first is an act of care for the wellbeing of your soul.

Move to music

Listening to music is a self-care moment. Take it into the soul care space by allowing yourself to let go. Let the music move your heart and unselfconsciously move your body to how it makes you feel.

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However you choose to do it, relax into your soul care space with comfy loungewear essentials you deserve.

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