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19Your bed linen is more than just something you put on your bed to look good. Of course you are going to choose a design and colour that fits in with bedroom’s style, but material and threadcount are just as, if not more, important to your overall sleep experience.

What is threadcount?

Threadcount is defined as the number of horizontal and vertical threads woven in one square inch of fabric. When you invest in a higher threadcount you invest in a fabric that feels smoother against your skin and that is more comfortable and durable.


For a warmer, luxurious feel

Higher threadcounts keep the heat in. An 800 threadcount Egyptian cotton sheet and duvet cover will not only keep you warm but also feel silky soft against your skin, the ultimate winter luxury.

For staying cool and comfortable

Natural fibres such as 100% cotton are the most breathable and will wick away perspiration, keeping you cool all night long. Egyptian cotton is without a doubt the best quality cotton for your sheets.

@home_Day05_2014-06-135867For a soft touch all year round

Stock your linen cupboard with a few sets of 200 to 400 threadcount sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases for every day use and all year round comfort.

For a casual, lived in look backed by high quality

Our stonewashed range is super soft and the kind of comfortable only your favourite bedding can be.

Beautiful bedding when on a budget

Sometimes you just want something simple yet beautiful. Without losing out on quality, our 144 threadcount and microfibre ranges suit your wallet and your need for style.

Get the temperature right

Did you know that keeping your room at the right temperature will help you sleep better? Keeping your head nice and cool is conducive to better sleep. The perfect temperature range to achieve the best sleep is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. The Dyson range of fans and purifiers will keep your sleep space at that perfect sleep sweet spot.

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