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A winter chill is in the air and with that, the desire for warm, home-cooked food made with time and love. But after a long day, preparing a meal can sometimes feel like part of your daily grind. With a small change in outlook, you can turn a chore into a meditative moment. Make prep and cooking an enjoyable part of the mealtime experience to slow down and dial back with our slow dining guide.

Create a calm cooking space

An organised kitchen makes for a more enjoyable cooking experience. Clear the worktop of all non-essentials so that you have an uncluttered space that makes chopping and slicing a breeze. Investing in storage makes it easier to keep your worktop clear when everyday items have a dedicated space to be put away. 

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Invest in the right tools 

Cooking can feel like hard work when you don’t have the right tools. Blunt knives? burnt fingers? Take note of your pain points when preparing a meal then invest in cook tools to take the hard work out of prep work.

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As the weather cools, comforting casseroles and slow-roasted sides make for delicious slow-cooked winter warmers. Beautiful cookware that can go from oven to table with ease make mealtimes easier. 

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SLOW RECIPE: Try this Slow Cooked Beef Short Ribs With Green Herb Sauce

Share the moment

Slow down and bring conversation into your meal prep. Creating a comfortable seating space for someone to chat while you cook or help with the prep turns a daily task into a meaningful connection. If you don’t have a cooking companion, listen to your favourite music and indulge in the moment with a glass of wine. 

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Set the table to set the pace

It may feel indulgent to set the table on a weekday, but we say, why not? Every evening should be celebrated. Setting a table with linen, glassware, crockery and cutlery creates the sense that the moment and meal are special. So whatever’s on the menu, take a few minutes to make the eating of it a thoughtful one. 

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