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Apartment searching, we’ve all been there. After countless viewings of not-quite-right places, you discover The One. It’s perfect. Open plan kitchen/dining room, balcony, garden, all rather lovely. The only minor flaw: a broom closet sized bathroom.

Never fear! Where there is restriction, there is a chance to get (very) creative and… organised. Starting with the basics, you can transform the space into a small but stylish treat for you and your guests.

No space for sentimentality

The minimalism trend is sweeping through the world at an impressive rate. Taking a page from their very well-ordered book, we ask the question: “What do you need?” Not want, or “keep because I think I may need it someday.” In your life now, take stock of the things that add value to your daily existence. Those are worth keeping because they serve a purpose or bring you joy. Everything else is just clutter.

Be wise – organise

To quote organisational expert Geralin Thomas, “Proper storage is about creating a home for something so that minimal effort is required to find it and put it away.” The word “home” denotes a comfortable space, something aesthetically pleasing.

Beginning with essentials, the first thing you need is to invest in a beautiful laundry basket. Something that serves as a display all on its own. Our suggestion would be something small, light and unobtrusive in shape, like the rectangle collapsible, bamboo basket. It is small enough to fit in any nook in the bathroom and the light wood creates a feeling of open space. Bamboo is also a sustainable material, winning you subtle points with eco-minded guests.

Nothing to hide

A great piece of advice for tiny bathrooms (and life) is to make the most of what you have. You can make a space beautiful and practical by installing a shelving system like the Scandi standing shelf. This is doubly effective as you create a feeling of openness with the shelves and by displaying your things it forces you to constantly take stock of your belongings.

Enhance the beauty of a room by also choosing to display ordinary things as part of the décor. Don’t just stick your toothbrush in a plastic cup – display it in a ceramic or silver tumbler. Details matter and will draw the eye, so even go as far as coordinating your products to match one another. A matching body range in beautiful bottles does wonders to lift a room’s façade.

It’s a jungle in there

Conversely, you can play into the compact nature of your bathroom by indulging in an abundance of greenery. Natural plants are great but difficult to maintain. Synthetic botanicals create just as much of a calming environment as the real deal, but save you water and time, aside from the occasional dusting.

Most importantly, make the space your own. Be bold with your choices and colours, but “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Wise words from William Morris. Live by them.

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