Small things. Big Love. How to show your love every day.

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Letting someone know you love them just one day a year is old news. Yes, February 14th is the best day for revealing your secret love. But for those enduring relationships in your life, you may be asking what is the best way to show your love this Valentines day?

Think of Valentines day as a start of some new relationship rituals, a day to set the tone for a new year of showing your love. We love chocolates, flowers and champagne just as much as you do, but it’s the every day small tokens of affection that really count. We asked our team and friends to share how they show their love with us (and you):

Small ways to show your love.

“When I am standing in line at the grocery store I always pick out my husband’s favourite treat from the checkout aisle to give to him after dinner” – Mariel.

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“Every weekend my partner and I plan a leisurely walk somewhere we haven’t been before in Cape Town” – Pozisa.

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“When I set the table or serve food I make sure everyone has their favourite plate, bowl, glass or cup, even down to the cutlery, because we all have the one fork we favour over the rest” – Caroline.

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“I get my son’s attention when he’s doing anything random like watching tv, or playing with his toys to tell him that I love him” – Lerato.

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“I always share my fruit snacks with shooter (my dog) and give my mom a call every day to say hi” – Carey.

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“My partner and I are sure to give each other a call every day to catch up and just talk even if it’s just for 5 minutes” – Simeeta

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“I draw a bath for my husband every night, complete with candles and bubbles, just for him” – Sophia.

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5 new traditions you can start today that say I love you.

Do their chores that you know they don’t like doing.

Leave little notes for them to find during the day when they least expect it.

Join them in doing something they love.

Cook their favourite meal.

Dedicate time each day to let them talk about whatever they choose.

Be it your best friend, your partner, your dog, your family or a new friend – today is the best day to show your love for them so be sure you let them know in your own special way.

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