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Storage1With winter days fast approaching, it’s inevitable that you’ll be spending more time cooking up a storm in your cosy kitchen. If you are in need of inspiration for dinner tonight, then have a browse through some of the delicious recipes on our blog. Whether you live in a small city apartment or a large open plan country house, you’ll need to organise your kitchen in order to best utilise the space.

Ready to begin? We suggest that you divide your kitchen into sections and start organising each part in stages; as let’s be realistic, this is probably going to be a tedious process so you want to get it right the first time round!

If you spend most family dinners around your kitchen table, avoid creating a mess by using a stylish lazy Susan. This accessory is used not only for relaxed Sunday lunches but also as a convenient addition to your scrumptious culinary spread. Remove all unnecessary clutter such as jams and sauces from your table and make sure it’s either stored away in your cupboard or placed on your lazy Susan.

Organise your cutlery and utensils by first emptying out all your drawers and cupboards and throwing or giving away anything you haven’t used in the past two years (even those unused wedding gifts). Then make sure you’re stocked up on durable and stylish new utensils, and neatly organise them into sections with a bamboo cutlery tray or rotating utensil set. With these storage ideas, you’ll be able to easily find utensils while cooking.

Storage2Next is to tackle your unsightly or chaotic collection of spices with a sophisticated spice rack that ties in form and function. Decant all your spices from your cupboard into glass canisters, and it will not only add more taste to your dishes but also to your kitchen décor.

If you consider yourself a master baker, you’ll need to store flour and cake decorations in our retro colour pop canisters to have some fun while creating delicious treats. Keep all your bakes fresh and ready-to-eat with stylish containers, breadbins and storage boxes.

Once you’ve decided on a recipe for your next dinner party and are ready to put together the mouth-watering feast, you’ll need to find the correct pots, pans and knives to use. Make sure they are easy to find with a durable magnetic knife holder or a full piece knife block.

Storage3After whipping up dinner and serving the dishes on elegant serveware, unfortunately it’s time to end off the evening with some washing up. Make sure the process is easy and quick with a nifty Joseph and Joseph Dishrack. Rope in your husband, wife or one of your guests to help and the dishes will be done in no time!

Now that you have all the necessary tips and storage ideas for your home, take time over the weekend to implement these ideas and let us know which other ones we should add to our list.

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