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A modern kitchen without Smeg is like a martini without the olives, it’s just not the same kind of beautiful. Designed in Italy since 1948, Smeg kitchen appliances are a modern kitchen must-have for the discerning home maker. With Smeg you’ll enjoy robust yet gorgeous designs, married with simple-to-operate functionality, perfect for everyday use, and too pretty to hide behind closed doors.

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Breakfast with Smeg

Your first meal of the day is a beautiful affair with Smeg kettles and toasters.

SMEG Retro 2 slice toaster

A much-loved countertop companion to take your breakfast routine from tawdry to top notch, but why is the Smeg Retro 2 slice toaster worth it?

  • Extra wide slots for your chunky slices of homemade sour dough or waffles.
  • Anti-slip feet so those kitchen prep accidents don’t happen.
  • A cancel function for when you just can’t wait any longer.
  • 6 browning options for attaining the level of crunch that you like most.
  • A stainless-steel body that won’t take strain from daily use.

For larger families Smeg produce a 4-slice variant of their classic toaster.

Smeg Retro kettles

If you like your drinks to come in hot but also in style Smeg has a kettle that does both.

Are Smeg kettles worth it? Let’s take a closer look to find the one for you.

Smeg whistling stove top kettle

A retro looking belle that’s got you covered when you crave hot drinks during load shedding. Choose your favourite from a collection of on trend colours. All with an extra thick base for even heat distribution and to prevent warping. Fitted with a heat safe handle and a whistling spout to let you know when the water’s reached boiling temp.

Smeg Retro electric kettles

From minimalist matte finish to glossy brights, there is a SMEG electric kettle to match your kitchen style (and the rest of your Smeg appliances).

What makes Smeg kettles so good:

  • Hardwearing stainless-steel body for long lasting everyday use.
  • Generous 7 cup capacity with auto-off at 100C
  • Auto-off switch if no water is detected to protect the element.

SMEG produces smaller kettle that is perfect for guest houses that want to have a luxe feel coffee station or smaller apartment spaces.

Shop the Smeg Mini Kettle.

For the tea and coffee connoisseurs, the Smeg Variable Temperature Kettle is the perfect addition to your brewing routine. With 7 temperature settings you are able to tweak your tea and coffee making for those loose-leaf teas and grinds that require less than boiling water.

Great coffee with Smeg

Add to your enviable kitchen counter line up with everything you need to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. Smeg have engineered the ultimate coffee prep appliance collection, all with their signature retro appeal to match your Smeg kettle and toaster.

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine

This compact espresso machine is perfect when countertop real estate is in short supply.

Is the Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine worth it?

You’ll love that this machine is not only pretty, but capable too.

  • The Thermoblock heating system means you’re ready to brew in seconds.
  • Intelligent temperature control so that the water is always at optimum heat for coffee extraction.
  • The powerful 15 bar pump returns consistent results for the best espresso time after time.
  • Enjoy true Italian espresso as either a single or double portion.
  • Generously sized 4 cup water reservoir

More from Smegs product line designed for discerning coffee drinkers:

Smeg Bean to Cup Coffee Machine – the perfect kitchen companion for those who enjoy the true flavour of coffee made from freshly ground beans. Being a home barista has never been so easy: choose your preferred drink from variety of pre-programmed settings.

Smeg Retro Milk Frother – the final flourish for barista style coffee at home, with multiple settings and a dishwasher friendly stainless steel jug for ease of cleaning.

Smeg Retro Coffee Grinder – for that true freshly ground taste, with multiple grind sizes to suit your drink from fine for espresso to course for French Press.

The complete kitchen with Smeg

When you absolutely must have only pretty things, Smeg has the answer.

Smeg cookware

A range of professional grade cookware that looks good but performs superbly too!

Are Smeg pots and pans worth it?

This range is for you because:

  • The patented cold forged stainless steel base on each piece is strong, durable and distributes heat evenly.
  • It is designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Matteo Bazzicalupo and produced entirely in Italy.
  • Each piece is finished with a protective, abrasive resistant, non-porous non-stick internal coating for easier and healthier cooking.
  • Handling this cookware is a breeze thanks to the strong yet lightweight aluminium body.
  • This cookware is suitable for induction cookers too.

Smeg Retro Blender

Soups and sauces, smoothies and shakes, with this 1950s style blender from Smeg, your kitchen is a world of possibilities.

Is a Smeg blender any good? Let’s find out…

  • It has a robust 800-watt motor that operates the 4 prong stainless steel blade.
  • All the bits that work for you are housed in a cast aluminium body with a BPA free plastic 1.5l jug.
  • Choose from 4 speeds including ‘pulse’ for those more difficult kitchen tasks.

Smeg Retro Stand Mixer

Coming in hot to compete with the likes of KitchenAid and Kenwood to do the muscle work of baking so you don’t have to. But what’s so different about the Smeg Retro Stand Mixer?

  • Minimalist retro design, a real statement countertop appliance.
  • Powerful 800-watt motor to handle tougher jobs with ease.
  • Simple and intuitive to assemble and use with 10 speed settings.
  • Bowl features a handle to make fitting and unfitting a breeze.
  • It comes with 3 attachments (may vary) but there are a variety of extra attachments are available to purchase separately.

The good news is, there’s a Smeg for that:

Smeg Citrus Juicer – takes the fuss out of enjoying freshly pressed orange juice at home.

Smeg Stick Immersion Blender Set – a powerful motor and variable speed settings, a food prep must have with several handy attachments including: a blending blade, whisk, potato masher and mini chopper.

Smeg Retro Personal Blender – Smegs’ powerful answer for smaller blending batches, ideal for smoothies, complete with on-the-go 600ml cup attachment.

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