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When it comes to choosing a seasonal scent for your space, let your nose and intuition guide you. You will instinctively know which smells you love and even more so when they are not for you. For a fresh summer update go for something light and fresh. Whether with a diffuser, spray or candle here are our top scent picks, however you choose to bring them into your home. 

The subtle yet fruity scent of the Slow Life range brings top notes of apple, pear, watermelon, banana and raspberry. Perfectly suited to warm summer days. 

The Naturals Fragrance range offers three perfectly summery scents including Coast, River and Forest, each bringing a beautifully fresh earthiness to your home. 

Lemongrass offers a simple yet strikingly fresh scent that is perfect for a summertime fragrance.

The unmistakable whiff of Jasmine floating in the air has summer written all over it. 

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