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We love this quote by Adrian Michael: ‘She’s the kind of queen that knows her crown isn’t on her head but in her soul.’ And this blog post is all about soul food – because sometimes a good night’s sleep or extra shot of coffee doesn’t quite cut it, especially at this time of year.

The festive season break is almost within reach, but you need to find the stamina for that last stretch to the finish line. Our top tip is to squeeze in a duvet day, or even a few hours of me time. Here are some practical ways to ensure you really do revive your soul as well as your body and mind:

Switch off

We are all constantly connected, and once in a while you need to just turn everything off – your phone, your tablet, your computer, your TV, even the radio. Make an exception for some tranquil background music, but other than that, avoid any interruptions.


Light a few scented candles, or a diffuser to set the right ambience for you to completely relax. We love the exotic floral notes of frangipani, with hints of ylang ylang and bergamot blended with the sensuous scent of hyacinth in the African Luxe Diffuser. It’s made using the finest imported fragrance oils produced by world renowned perfumers and high quality fibrous reeds. If candles are more your style, surround yourself with luscious notes of sun ripened figs blended with the warm spicy notes of cardamom with their fig filled candle glass.


Once you’ve had a chance to unwind, you need to restore healthy habits and find ways to hold on to that inner calm – create a sleep sanctuary, invest in some beautiful Gavin Rajah linen, and make a pact with yourself to have early nights at least three times a week.

Another lovely idea is to have a luxury fragrance diffuser or two strategically placed around your home. You can’t go wrong with the dark, woody notes of Oudh in the Reserve range.

Add greenery to your home (read up on how and why here), enjoy cups of tea in your favourite comfy chair and read often, choosing books that will uplift you (The Book of Joy is one of our all-time favourites).

Last, but not least, treat yourself to a few products such as the African Luxe hand wash with green leaves and mint and frangipani body lotion. This lush local range for body and soul is enriched with shea butter and vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin. It’s also hand poured and packed by a team of local, previously disadvantaged people allowing them to improve their lives – so you can look after yourself and uplift someone else at the same time.

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