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This year, the spring colour palette doesn’t venture too far from winter’s. Many of the same bases remain but transition to softer and brighter tones alike. Pastels are paler with the gentle and romantic violet, Pink Lavender; the subtle salmon, Blooming Dahlia; and barely-there rose, Almost Mauve, creating a sense of whimsy and play. Jewel tones are illuminated, realised in the bold and lively yellow, Meadowlark; the tempestuous orangey red, Cherry Tomato; and the retro revival green, Arcadia.

Spring 2018 Pantone Colour Swatches

These colours – restrained and rambunctious – have a wonderfully uplifting allure. They’re colours you see in nature, colours that bring the promise of life anew: of growth. Celebrate the season in full force, bringing the outdoors in! Wood creates warmth, layered with the cool tones of pastel accents and punctuated with zestier colours for dramatic effect.

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