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image1Moving into your own place for the first time is an exciting stage in your life, it’s all about you, your style and finally being able to decide what furniture or décor you want and where it should go. It’s pretty normal to start out with too much room and not enough to fill it!

Half the fun is being able to choose what you want, even if it includes a few hand-me-downs. The kitchen is one place that you’ll need to get stocked up quickly if you’re going to enjoy cooking in it and not feel like you’re camping. So we’ve put together some of the starter essentials you will need for your first kitchen.

Chopping board & knives

18021274It goes without saying that every kitchen needs a good set of sharp knives, so this is the first essential purchase for a new kitchen. Make sure you take care of them well – wash in warm water, not too hot and not in the dishwasher – so that they stay sharp. With a sharp set of knives, one should also use a good quality chopping board. Find one that matches your kitchen décor and could even double up as a serving board like a solid bamboo cross hatch board.

Measuring utensils

A new house is a time for impressing your guests with a new recipe or two. Whether you’re cooking something exotic for the 18021255first time or baking your favourite cake, following a recipe to the gram is essential so you’ll need a few measuring utensils to help you along. This handy jug and scale combo is perfect for larger volumes while an accurate measuring spoon set is also a useful addition to your kitchen.

Mixing utensils

Once you’ve measured out your ingredients, you’ll need a few tools to mix them all up and complete your dish. A good mixing bowl is useful for all sorts of things, from baking to marinating to a make-shift salad bowl if you’re desperate. If manually mixing or blending is not your style, then go super convenient with a jostick blender. Make anything from soups to dips or hummus with the Kenwood Triblade stickblender. It’s a purchase you’ll definitely not regret.

Jamie Oliver pot & pan set

No doubt the most fundamental implement in your kitchen is a set of pots and a good quality pan. From soups and casseroles, to steaks or a simple breakfast fry-up, the Jamie Oliver pot and pan set is something you’ll use every day. Quality pots and pans will last forever if you take good care of them so it’s worth spending a little bit more.

Multi-can opener

multiLast but not least, an essential utensil for your kitchen is a can opener and a bottle opener, this kitchen multi-tool covers both of those functions and more. Like a Swiss army knife for your kitchen, it will help you with things you didn’t know you needed. It’s the all-in-one handy tool you need for your new kitchen.

Apart from these simple essentials, you’ll need the usual crockery and cutlery, serving dishes, glasses and more. Try our Irresistible Value range for good quality products at affordable prices. Enjoy this exciting time in your life as it doesn’t come around very often.

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