Styling Botanicals For A Wild & Exotic Look

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The trend that brings the outdoors in started showing up in 2018 and homes are not going to say goodbye to this greenery trend anytime soon! Plants in all shapes and sizes are the easiest and most air-purifying way to bring botanicals into your home. Green fabrics and stylised prints with wooden furniture can transform a house into a naturalist paradise. Here are some of our favourite ways to style botanicals for a wild exotic look.


A beautiful botanical wallpaper is a great way to introduce the wild and exotic look into your home. This light patterned wallpaper creates a tropical and exotic look, transporting to you a wild paradise. Complement the natural look with wood décor, rattan or wicker.


Pillows are a key element to adding depth and texture to your space, incorporate botanicals, with soft floral and leafy prints for a natural pop of colourful.

Succulents and Terrariums:

Of course, the best way to decorate with botanicals is by using the real thing. Succulents are a wonderful blend of botanical beauty and fuss-free growing, as they require very little water. Terrariums are another great way to add some botanical life to your décor, display geometric terrariums on your coffee table and incorporate your botanicals in a fancier way.


From ferns to flowers, and everything in between, botanicals make for great inspiration. Filling your space with green, both colour, and the actual plants can be daunting, be sure to incorporate a variety of plant life, which has been carefully placed around your home in earthy pots and vases for an organic interior feel.

Most importantly when curating a wild and exotic look don’t be afraid to use green as a predominant colour, especially in plush textures like velvet to create a trendy contrast between exotic botanicals and lush furniture.

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