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There is no doubt that bold colours make a statement, but as the bright accent walls stay behind in 2018 you are probably wanting to create an impact just as dramatic. Texture may not be the obvious choice, but it adds depth and dimension to your space, being appealing to both the tactile and visual senses. Follow our guide for how and where to use texture and your home will thank you.

Looking to Establish Elegance? Dress up your décor with hand tufted rugs, woven wools, smooth silks and velvets, fabric trims, and polished wood for texture with a traditional style. Shop online for more inspiration.

If creating comfort is your family’s style then opt for country style textures. Create inviting interiors with thick fabrics, weathered wood, layered rugs and dimensional artwork. Our beautiful rugs and throws will have you curating comfort in no time.

Being cool and using texture for a contemporary style will have your home feeling like a chic hangout spot in no time. Make an impact with shag rugs, smooth leather, sparse fabrics, glossy surfaces and shiny metals.

Using textures correctly for a romantic style will add ambiance and charm to your space. Make use of embroidered fabrics, vintage lace, wicker and flirty ruffles and trims. For more inspiration to achieving this look read our blog post on Fine Living at its Best: The Grace Collection.

Other tips for curating texture in your space include:

  • Create a focal point, from which you can build. An item becomes a focal point because of its size, colour, or unique design and shape.
  • Build layers of texture and let them mingle in a concentrated area to create an impact. Pairing a blend of glass ceramic and different linens on the dining table will invite people to come closer, touch feel and instantly gather together.
  • Let opposites attract to pull the room together and create a finished look. Pair rough and smooth textures to harmonise your space and create the perfect textural illusion.

Of course, as with anything the key is to create a balance. Finding the right balance of textures for your home is important, so choose your style, go forth and start decorating. Share your texture transformation with us and your post may feature on our social media platforms.

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