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Enjoy the pleasure of an organized kitchen with our buying guide to storage.

It’s the simplest things that bring the greatest joy. Like opening the door to an organised pantry or a fridge that is neat and easy to navigate. Afterall, neat and tidy saves you time.

We love storage as much as you and are excited to offer a beautiful range of kitchen & pantry storage solutions. 

Fridge organization.

For the fridge that is always a joy to open – When everything is organized, your food and drinks look that much more delicious! Plus, tidying your fridge instantly frees up space too.

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Keep everything in the right place for freshness, and hygiene.

  1. Upper Shelves – store foods that don’t need cooking, such as cold meats and leftovers.
  2. Lower/Middle Shelves – dairy such as milks, cheeses, yogurt and butter
  3. Bottom Shelf – this is the coldest part of your fridge, and where wrapped raw meat and fish should be kept. Placing raw food on the bottom shelf also minimises the risk of cross-contamination.
  4. Drawers – vegetables, salads and fruit should be stored in their original packaging in the salad drawer where they will be enclosed. This is also a good place to store herbs. 
  5. Door Shelves – this is the warmest area of the fridge and most susceptible to temperature fluctuations. Store foods that have natural preservatives here, such as condiments, jams and juice

The pantry and shelves that bring immense pride

That super organized and neat pantry you have always dreamed of is now a reality.

Top 5 pantry storage essentials from Simply Stored


Add labels to your pantry containers with the expiry date for easy reference or write directly on to acrylic storage containers with a non-permanent marker which can easily be wiped off when needed.

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The drawers where everything has its place

Finally, there is a space for all your cutlery, utensils, tools and gadgets and an end to all the clutter.


Keep the utensils you use the most for cooking in the drawer closest to your stove or prep area. Be sure to keep each type of utensil in a separate section of your drawer so it is easy to find when you are in a hurry.

The Plastic free way to keep your food fresh

Shop and store your food using this 100% cotton bag, cutting down on plastic waste and keeping your food fresh without any harmful chemicals. Your food will look better, taste better and last longer.


Store your different types of fresh produce in separate bags. Keeping fruits and vegetables together causes them to go bad faster. Stick to one type of produce per bag.

The clean cleaning & laundry space

Reorganise your laundry or cleaning cupboards with a mix of stackable acrylic canisters and woven storage baskets, keeping everything in its place and easy to find.

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Keep a printout of the best stain removal solutions on a wall in your laundry room so when you need to get rid of a stain, you know exactly what to do.

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