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Often gatherings, whether large or small, tend to lend themselves to waste. How often, after hosting your friends and family, have you been left with food, single-use tableware and decorations that will all head to the landfill?

We’ve put together a few ideas to avoid waste, so you not only enjoy a gathering of your nearest and dearest – but do so with peace of mind!

First, start at home: green your kitchen – fit it with eco-friendly appliances and purchase kitchenware with longevity in mind (durable and earth friendly materials like bamboo and ceramic are a good place to start). Go back to basics: cut down on food miles and enjoy better health by cooking with locally sourced, in-season whole foods. Avoid single-use tableware and decorations. Rather, invest in classic options that can be dressed up or down with eco-friendly elements – natural fabric tablecloths, soy candles and botanicals.

Extend your eco-conscious approach to hosting to your guests, too. Request that they each bring their own storage containers to take party favours or leftovers home. Perhaps suggest (or arrange) a taxi service to pick your guests up in one round trip (a bonus is that it also ensures no driving over the limit!).

Bushy Plant in Pot (R169)

Gavin Rajah Soy Candle (R399)

Cotton Table Cloth (R499)

Bushy Leaf Plant in Hessian Bag (R159)


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