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M1_9622Your sleep sanctuary is where you feel the most free to be yourself. Choose colours, décor and finishing touches that are more personal and you will love spending time here.

Choosing colour for a calm space

Colour has a big impact on the way we feel. Some colours are more soothing and relaxing, making them perfect for your sleep sanctuary.

Cool shades of grey, blue, green and purple have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. They can also make a space seem bigger, perfect if you have a smaller bedroom space. Combine these shades with some natural pantones for a soft, Winter-CAT (202)organic feel that is calming for the senses.

Extras for added comfort

The easiest way to bring in some colour is by adding a few scatter cushions and throws. Scatters are easy to change or update when you feel like a refresh. These scatters are perfect for the coming season. Throws are not only beautiful to look at but can be super comfy and warm when you just want to snuggle up. Keep a few over the edge of your bed or favourite chair. This jacquard throw is perfect for any season.

Or why not create a reading nook or meditation corner in your room with a few scatters, throws and a beautiful rug like this?

Surround yourself with beautiful things

You don’t need loads of décor items to make your space beautiful. In fact, choosing just a few items that are both functional and personal will contribute to the soothing nature of your space. Stick to your colour palette so as not to detract from the calming mood in your room.

Items that reference nature such as faux plants or frames made from natural woods will keep your sleep sanctuary fresh and calm.

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