Adding the finishing touches to your festive table!

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An elegant festive table doesn’t have to break the bank. Add the finishing touches to your festive table this holiday season for a table that wows your guests but doesn’t take all day! 

Start with the basics: 

It’s a bit overwhelming to know where to start when putting together your festive table but always start with what you already have. Laying out your cutlery, glasses and tablecloth will help you to get a sense of the colours and textures you are working with. 

Highlight what’s already there: 

Once you have a sense for the look and feel of your table, add elements that highlight this look. If your glasses have a gold rim, play on the gold by adding some more items to tie the gold in. For example, candles with gold candlesticks or golden napkin rings will ensure that there is a, for lack of a better word, golden thread running through your theme. 

Let your décor be functional: 

It’s easy to litter your table with baubles and ornaments but try adding functional décor elements, so your space on the table isn’t completely taken up with useless, albeit beautiful, items. Little bowls for seasoning, intricate coasters and a lighting element such as a candle or fairy lights are all easy, yet practical ways to add something extra to your table. 

Throw in a bit of sparkle: 

Lastly, have some fun! Don’t worry too much about everything being perfect, the best festive tables have some disarray to them. A little bit of sparkle always manages to add that finishing touch to any table. Try to reuse your tree decorations as place settings or add some metals and glass to reflect the light. For more décor inspiration, have a look here to see what your festive table needs!  

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