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We are proud to now offer you certified Egyptian CottonTM bedding. Our Egyptian Cotton fabric is accredited by the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA). By receiving the GOLD SEAL of approval from the CEA we can guarantee authenticity of our most luxurious bedding. Other fabrics might be called Egyptian Cotton, but you can trust that we’ve got you covered with the real deal.

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Certified Egyptian Cotton BeddingTM – What this means for you?

  1. With this Gold Seal of approval, our Egyptian Cotton bedding is now certified to have been made using cotton sourced directly from Egypt.
  2. This level of accreditation assures better transparency and traceability – Through rigorous supply chain management we can ensure the Egyptian Cotton fibre / fabric remains 100% pure.
  3. The Gold Seal is our guarantee that you will be sleeping under only the finest, softest and most resilient fibres grown in Egypt.

The finest cotton in the world – for good reason.

Egyptian CottonTM is the most luxurious of all cottons. The secret to this incredible fabric lies in Egypt itself but also the people who produce it.

  • Only in Egypt: The unique climate along the Nile is the reason that this cotton has extra-long staple fibres making the finished fabric exceedingly smooth, silky and long lasting. A moderate, reliable climate, nutrient rich and plentiful water, coupled with fertile soil are the perfect environment for cotton plants to produce the best quality cotton. 
  • Hand-picked for perfection: Unlike other cotton varieties all certified Egyptian Cotton is delicately hand-picked. Through this painstaking process less stress is placed on the fibre. Although mechanical methods of harvesting are cheaper and quicker, they damage the fibres. Other parts of the cotton plant get caught up with the cotton tufts meaning many cleaning processes are added to production. The more you handle these fibres the more brittle and damaged they become.
  • A world class meticulous production process: The CEA is passionate about keeping Egyptian CottonTM genuine. Through scientific DNA testing at multiple points on the journey from farm to finished product, the Association guarantees authenticity. They are able to quickly identify inferior, rougher threads so that the quality always remains superfluous.

Why each thread counts.

Because of its beautiful long staple fibres, the overall finish of Egyptian CottonTM is smoother and silky soft. It only gets softer the more often you wash it.

Exceedingly durable and lightweight, Egyptian cotton fibres are more porous and therefore incredibly absorbent. The result is that when dyed Egyptian CottonTM holds deeper colour with resilient vibrancy without fading, wash after wash, year after year.

Ultimately certified Egyptian CottonTM  is outstanding, long lasting quality you can trust. Egyptian CottonTM bedding is an investment in your sleep and well-being.

How to know it’s real Egyptian CottonTM

  • Look out for the Egyptian Cotton TM logo and Gold Seal.
  • Make sure you see a license number alongside the seal.

These are the marks of genuine, unmatched quality. Every Egyptian Cotton product from @home is sold with the Gold Seal of Authentication.

Now available from @home in these threadcounts:

Classic 300 threadcount

Luxe 600 threadcount

Indulgent 800 threadcount

More resources: Cotton Egypt Association Home

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