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An age-old tradition for the new age, there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of a good cup of tea, not to mention the mental benefits of slowing down.

A reason to slow down

Lately we have been seeing a revival of a more traditional approach to brewing tea and it is becoming a ritual rather than a quick cuppa. Tea is the perfect reason for a time out in our busy days, and now that many of us are working at home, we can enjoy the calm, meditative pace of steeping our favourite tea, at the right temperature, sipped quietly and with full attention on the flavours. This gives new meaning to the ‘tea break’.

A time to experiment with different types of tea

Although a good cup of Ceylon tea made just right certainly has its place in our hearts, there is a wealth of wonderful teas out there waiting to be enjoyed. Set yourself the goal of experimenting with different types of teas, from black teas to herbals teas and a range of green teas. While we have our very own health promoting rooibos and honeybush teas available to us here in South Africa, green tea is also wonderful for the body. Discover the ritual of making the perfect cup of Matcha tea and you may never look back.

Our range of Tetsubin tea kettles are an authentic oriental tea kettle made from cast iron.

Try adding some local honey to your favourite herbal tea for some added sweetness plus many health enhancing properties.

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