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That’s quite a statement but we kid you not! TEMPUR are world leaders in personalised sleep comfort so it makes sense that they’ve designed a pillow that will suit just about anyone. You’ll love that there’ll be no more tossing and turning each night with a pillow that is too thin, too soft, or too lumpy.

ONE pillow fits all.

Introducing ONE by TEMPUR Support Pillow – we all have preferences about how we like to sleep and what comfort means to each of us is totally different. You’ll be delighted then, to find out that ONE by TEMPUR Support Pillow has a unique design and is made from signature TEMPUR materials that let you customise your comfort for your best sleep.

The unique Support Pillow design.

The distinctive sloped shape of this pillow provides support head, neck and shoulders, no matter which way you like to sleep. It works for back, side or stomach sleepers. Designed so that the higher side offers support for your head and neck as you sleep on your side and back, while the tilted end supports your shoulders as you sleep on your stomach

The unique Support Pillow materials.

This pillow is constructed from super soft memory foam material to give you the comfort you are looking for without compromising support. TEMPUR memory foam is recognised by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation. Your TEMPUR pillow magically reforms after every use providing both comfort and support.

ONE by TEMPUR Support Pillow is the pillow for your changing sleep needs.

One pillow with many uses.

Its multi-purpose design makes this pillow your perfect companion for more than just rest: Try it as a back support, a seat wedge, or a laptop pedestal.

ONE Support Pillow care instructions.

Your TEMPUR pillow carries a 3-year warranty from date of purchase provided proper care instructions are followed.

You should never wash or dry clean the TEMPUR Material. Doing so could warp the shape and softness and cause the material to lose its comfort and pressure reducing qualities. It will also, unfortunately, void your product warranty. The good news is you shouldn’t ever need to clean the TEMPUR material.

You can, however, wash your pillow cover at 40C however often you see fit.

Get comfy with your own ONE Support Pillow by TEMPUR.

Find out more about TEMPUR’s incredible material:

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