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We often think of a vase as just a vessel for holding an arrangement of flowers but chosen well, your vases will make a statement all on their own.

Choose your vases for their shape, material, texture and colour to enhance your interior décor.


Choose your vase shape to either complement the natural shapes of your space and your furniture or to act as a contrast for added depth to your style. V-shaped clean lines will go well with sleek thin-framed furniture and contemporary mid-century modern designs. Bell curved glass vases and big-bellied mother of pearl shapes can create a beautiful contrast to either a very soft classic look or ultra modern space.


Colour and material

Hand-made glazed clays and natural, unvarnished woods are just as beautiful in the modern home as sleek, clean glass. Add a layer of colour to a room with bold and deep colours, or choose clear glass for its blank canvas versatility.


Add a sense of wonder and intrigue through texture. Think organic shapes and tactility or beautifully embossed textures. Glass vases also get extra texture with faceted crystal and hand blown glass with a crackled effect.

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