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Introducing the latest in a reliable and capable kitchen line up from Taurus, the Foodie – it’s one smart kitchen appliance. In fact, the Taurus Foodie Digital Kitchen Machine is all you need in your kitchen, rolled into 1. It’s part kitchen robot, part personal chef, designed to make preparing and enjoying delicious meals so much easier.

Long and short of it: you need a Taurus Foodie Digital Kitchen Machine in your life.

The Taurus Foodie does everything you need it to, and more.

From simple daily kitchen tasks to preparing special meals the Taurus Foodie has got you covered. With 31 functions, cooking in your kitchen with Taurus is light work.

Top 5 every day uses for the Taurus Foodie:

  1. Steam –  for the freshest cooked vegetables, fish and poultry.
  2. Weigh – built in high precision scale for weighing on the go.
  3. Whip / beat – for quick batter recipes with 12 speeds to choose from.
  4. Liquidise – for soups and sauces.
  5. Boil – a win because it heats up quicker than a stove top.

Top 3 specialised uses for the Taurus foodie:

  1. Ferment – for home-made yoghurt and soft cheese.
  2. Slow cook – for those melt-in-your-mouth meals and Sunday lunches.
  3. Bain-marie – for preparing Hollandaise sauce and melting chocolate.

Declutter your kitchen because the Taurus Foodie does it all.

If the modern kitchen is all about efficiency, then this appliance is all about the future. Now you can rehome your blender, slow cooker, steamer and mixer in favour of 1 device. You’ll need even fewer pots and pans too! Nothing feels better than optimising your cupboard space. More space means it’s easier to access your every day kitchen tools, saving you time and frustration.

If you are new to being a home chef, then this machine is for you too! The Taurus foodie is a wise economic choice, save yourself space, and research by purchasing just 1 appliance for starting your culinary journey.

The Taurus foodie is a looker too, so you’ll want to keep it on display. With a full LCD digital screen and sleekly designed buttons and dials, it looks the part of your kitchen robot. The brushed stainless-steel finish is easy to clean and fits seamlessly into your modern kitchen aesthetic.

Watch the Taurus Foodie Digital Kitchen Machine in action.

How to use your Taurus Foodie.

This kitchen essential has been conscientiously designed with a large 3.5l capacity, making it suitable to prepare meals for a family. Its powerful 1500w motor makes quick work of ice, nuts and other hard-to-chop foods.

The Foodie is so easy to clean – it has an auto-clean function meaning the inside of the jug and blades can be cleaned by filling the jug halfway and running on pulse setting. For tougher jobs you can heat up the water. What’s more, all the Foodie attachments are produced using easy-to-clean materials.

What the experts are saying about the Taurus Foodie Digital Kitchen Machine.

MasterChef SA 2022 winner, Shawn Godfrey, loves the way the Taurus Foodie performs all tasks with absolute ease.

Best bits about the Taurus Foodie Kitchen Machine according to Shawn:

  1. Your food will never burn – indirect heat throttled to 120C means this is a reality.
  2. 1 pot for them all – take for example, prepping butternut soup, in the Foodie you would be blending, boiling, sautéing, stirring and heating everything in one pot.
  3. Using preprogrammed settings for intimidating cooking tasks makes for a learning environment where previously ‘complicated’ tasks are demystified.

Find his recipe for Pan seared duck breast, confit potato fondants, pickled beetroot, baby carrot, mushrooms and smoked labneh with an orange and port sauce here.

Taurus Foodie Machine

Here Shawn uses only the Taurus Foodie machine to create his culinary masterpiece.

In short, the Taurus Foodie is a space saving and robust kitchen investment that is sure to serve you well.

Shop the Taurus Foodie Digital Kitchen Machine now.

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