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Life is for living to the full. Yet sometimes we allow other things to take over and find ourselves too busy to do more of the things we love most.

Now is the perfect time to get back on track to doing the things you want. In case you need a little bit of an extra nudge or inspiration, here are a few things we think all of us could do more often, especially over the coming holiday season.

1. Impromptu sundowner drinks that go on well past midnight

Put that pretty drinks trolley to good use. Keep it well stocked with enough wine glasses, whiskey tumblers and highball glasses. Choose your drinks to suit the occasion and the weather. Want to make an impression? Gin is very much in at the moment.

2. Picnics by the pool just because

Beautiful sunny summer days deserve to be enjoyed to the max. Lay out all your best beach towels, lay your outside table with wonderfully fresh and delicious finger food, and invite friends over for a day by the pool. Beautiful acrylic glassware like this makes it seem like a special occasion, just because.

3. Having the neighbours over for a coffee on a Saturday (or Sunday) morning

How well do you know your neighbours? Go beyond the customary hello and ask them over for a fresh coffee made with your Breville Barista machine. They will be properly impressed. It doesn’t need to be a fancy spread, but a few fresh baked goods laid out on this wooden serving board will be just the thing that will get you high fiving your partner after they have left, with a good strong “nailed it!”

4. Pre going out dinners

The holiday season turns into the silly season very quickly when you look at how full your calendar has become. But you can always fit in a bit more. Have a drinks do on Friday, or a concert and night out planned for the weekend? No problem, stretch the good times to maximum capacity with a sneaky little pre-drinks dinner.

Serve a few light platters of your favourite finger foods – these serving platters will be your new best friend. Or use your Breville Multi Chef to cook up a proper dinner for all before a full night ahead.

5. Long family brunches

Make more time for your family. And what’s to stop you combining that with lots of good food? Serve up a feast for brunch with wooden boards, fresh fruit juice made in your DNA juicer, or fruit infused waters for the whole table. A couple of French coffee presses will ensure everyone gets their caffeine fix. Remember to set enough crockery and cutlery for everyone.

6. Mini family celebrations with just the 2, or few, of you

You don’t need a crowd to celebrate. Why not celebrate the fact that you get to spend some quality time with your partner, or just you and the kids. Set the table with your favourite bowls and plates and enjoy an easy summer pasta while you catch up on each others’ stories. Dessert is a must. Zoku pops are the perfect solution for summer sweet treats.

7. A quiet tea and treat yourself moment away from it all

Don’t forget to make some time for yourself this season. Send the kids off to the grandparents, switch off your phone if you dare. Make yourself some fresh herbal tea from our new Purecup range, enjoy a quiet cup of something special from our Chilla range. Get comfy on your favourite chair (if you haven’t found it yet, it is sure to be here), snuggle up with the cat and a light throw and allow yourself to doze off in the afternoon sun. Because sometimes there is nothing better!

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